Akumzze Marundak

If you are the guild's leader, please consider submitting an API-key.


Woodburn Stronghold
<Scorched Corridor (250)>
Purified Vedice Sap Strength Flower
Finder's Farm
<Fleeting Garden (100)>
Modified Maga Creeper Will Flower
Berello Gorge Border Post
<Hidden Source (200)>
Modified Greslin Filament Intelligence Flower Concentration Flower
Whirling Strongold
<Lagoons of Loria (250)>
Modified Egiros Pollen Dexterity Flower
Purified Maga Creeper Constitution Flower
Great Outback Workshop
<Grove of Umbra (200)>
Purified Rubbarn Gum Metabolism Flower Sap Flower
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