Privacy policy

RyzomArmory will only collect personal data that are absolutely necessary for the retrieval and presentation of data for characters and guilds within Ryzom. RyzomArmory will never share any personal data from its online visitors and/or game users with third parties.


RyzomArmory is using session-cookies to keep user logged in between page reloads. This is a technical necessity. In addition to that we are using Google Analytics. This is needed to provide us with some information about who is visiting this website. We have enabled IP anonymization though. Advanced and third party features are disabled.

What is personal data?

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. This includes IP addresses and cookie data.

User's rights

The user must be informed whether RyzomArmory is collecting data, why the data is collected, how it is processed and utilized. The user must give his consent (read more at "Consent“). Futhermore, the user has the right to get information about their stored data on request. This service is free and can be requested at any time by any user (read more at "Right to access data“). In case of a leak, the user will be informed within 72 hours, as will the responsible data protection office (read more at "Breach Notification“). The user also has the right to be forgotten, which means that RyzomArmory has to erase all personal data at the user's request (read more at "Right to be forgotten“).


There has to be a request for consent, in an understandable and easy language. It must be in an easily accessible form and the purpose for data processing has to be attached. The consent has to be distinguishable from other services, it must be freely given and it must be easy to withdraw, as easily as it was given.

What data are we collecting?

RyzomArmory does not collect any personal data that directly relates to a natural person (eg. name or email). Only data of charaters and guilds within Ryzom is collected. Please refer to the Ryzom API for more details.

Why are we collecting data?

The purpose of RyzomArmory is to provide convenient access to character and guild data. RyzomArmory will collect that data for any user who provides us with the necessary API keys.

Right to access data

Users have the right to gain access to their stored data. They can send a request at any time to RyzomArmory will respond with information about all stored personal data as soon as possible. This service is 100% free and has no limit in use. Please note, that RyzomArmory has the right to refuse multiple requests, relating to the same natural person (or account), within a very short time-span.

Right to be forgotten

The user has the right to be forgotten, that means that RyzomArmory has to erase all stored personal data at the user's request. Please note, that RyzomArmory has the right (and the duty) to object to this, in the case of criminal activities, until the appropriate authorities are involved and they give their consent to the erasure of the personal data. Futhermore, in the case that you exercise your right to be forgotten, some RyzomArmory services may no longer be available to you, due to the loss of the necessary data (for example "API keys“). Winch Gate will inform the user of the consequences before it erases all personal data permanently, and will require the user's consent.

Breach Notification

In case of a leak (hack), Ryzom Armory will send a breach notification to any involved user and to the responsible data protection office, within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach. This notification will contain information about when the breach was noticed, which natural person and which data are affected, as well as which measures may have already been taken.
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